Lose Fat Faster while Increasing Energy Levels

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Lose Fat Faster while Increasing Energy Levels

Are you putting in time in the gym without the results you want?

Have you been following a strict training program, but know that your nutrition is holding you back from reaping all the rewards of your hard work?

Maybe you are an ex-athlete or you were fit in the past, but you took some time away to start your family and build a career.

But now you're ready to prioritize your own heath and wellness.  

If you want to support your active lifestyle, build muscle and lose fat, get back to doing the activities you love, and take your overall quality of life to the next level...I've got your back!

A personalized nutrition program is the missing piece of the puzzle.

I want to help you look, feel, and perform at your best, so you can be your best self for the people and the activities you love.

Private Coaching: Let me help you succeed

Eliminate confusion. Stop wasting time. Get the personalized support and accountability you need to succeed with my 12-week Metabolism Enhancement Program.

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E-Book: Lean In 15

Reduce struggle and eliminate confusion around your body and your nutrition. Learn my 15 Simple Steps to Creating and Sustaining Your Dream Body

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14-Day Diet Reset

This is a 3-phase plan developed to kickstart a nutrient-focused approach to eating. This diet reset was created to be restorative rather than restrictive.

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High Protein Cookbook

The last cookbook you'll ever need! Get 50 high protein, nutritionally balanced, calorie-friendly meals. A game changer if you often say, "I don't know what to eat."

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A.R. University

Learn everything you need to know to create meal plans that work with your busy life. This includes practical nutrition advice that can be implemented immediately to improve your approach to sustainable nutrition. 

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Hi, I'm Adam!

I develop simple and highly effective metabolism enhancing nutrition plans.

Like you, I’ve had my struggles with nutrition. And I’m glad I have!

Because it's driven me to go above and beyond to better understand the role of food in the human body, be more educated, and deliver great coaching.

I was a professional hockey player and became obsessed with nutrition as a means to gain a competitive advantage. At that level, the difference between making it big and staying in the minors is extremely small. So, I wanted to do everything I could to succeed.

The problem was I was under-educated and following the wrong approach.

I was severely under eating and overtraining, which led to injury, excessive fatigue, becoming weaker and slower, and my eventual burnout and retirement.

My goal as a dietitian is to prevent you from making the same nutrition mistakes I made.

I've now coached hundreds of people to radically transform their lives for the better, including my own, with benefits far beyond aesthetics.

Yes, I coach metabolism optimization, but it’s really a program designed to create a better relationship with yourselfA relationship that brings you joy, physical rewards, immense confidence, and peace of mind.

Helping people plan and implement successful aesthetic and health-related metabolic enhancement plans is what I love to do day-in and day-out. It’s a privilege to share my approach with you. My hope is to inspire you to grow and improve yourself, so you can grow and improve the lives of the people around you.

How It Works

Step 1: Get in touch

Schedule a free discovery call, so we can discuss your nutrition needs and goals in more detail.


Step 2: Track what you eat

One week of monitoring what you usually eat each day to identify dietary strength and weaknesses so I can make you a custom metabolism makeover plan.


Step 3: Review custom plan and coaching

We kick off your new plan and help you start crushing your goals and nourishing your body.


Step 4: Adjust as needed

Throughout the duration of your coaching program, we work together to make adjustments that will keep you progress towards your goals.

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Using the expertise of a coach, you'll learn new strategies, maintain your results, and make adjustments to bust through plateaus. I'll help you develop a simple and repeatable long-term nutrition plan that works with your body rather than against it.

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Jon Mosenson

I have already lost 30 lbs in 3 months and weight loss wasn't even a goal. Due to Adam's personalized macros, I feel great, a lot of the pain and soreness I previously experienced is gone and I have more energy than ever before.


I feel better! Physically and emotionally. I don’t feel bloated and tired two hours after I wake up, my IBS is better than it ever has been. AND I’m down 7lbs since I started with you

Steve L

Going through a personal tailored program built for me for my goals, taking in my strengths and weaknesses, is exactly what I was looking for. I was able to achieve my weight loss goal of 51 pounds in 9 months, and have also maintained this weight loss!

Michele Cicala

I don’t know how Adam did it but he helped me change my eating habits and my approach to nutrition. He encouraged small incremental changes that allowed me to get past my fear of trying new foods and eating enough of it every day to reach my goals

Chris Kirkconnell

I highly recommend Adams approach. If you have been trying to lose weight and gain back health and you’re sitting on the fence, take a leap of faith and try this.

Bonnie M

Let me say, it was the best decision I have made. So far the result is that I am much stronger than I was six months ago and I have lost 50 pounds, and numerous inches from my entire body.

Jake S

I feel good! I have energy, I am not starving during the day. Allowing myself to learn what works in terms of food has been good. I can tell my body is liking what I am putting into it.

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