Episode 16- Real Talk with Aram Grigorian

Aram Grigorian is a professional nutrition coach and personal trainer based out of San Diego, California.

In this Episode with Aram, we go heavily into the practical, and realistic ways that people can improve the consistency of their diet adherence! Aram is a very straight shooter and his nutrition advice is incredibly sound! He is not afraid to to discuss the harsh reality that much of peoples diet struggles are due to their own actions, and we discuss the tools that he uses to help people understand the actions that may be holding them back, and creating strategies for improving those issues!! We also got into the specific actions that you can take today to start making immediate improvements to your environment to make healthy eating feel easier! 

This discussion was a lot of fun to have and it was a pleasure to have Aram on the Podcast! 

To learn more about Aram, and his coaching please check him out in the following locations:

IG: @4weeks2thebeach

Facebook: 4weeks2thebeach

Website: https://www.4weeks2thebeach.com/