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What's Included In Our

               90 Day

*Proven Shred Program*

The A.R. Nutrition program is meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect to learn and receive:

 Calculated Ideal Macros that will be continuously adjusted as your body comp begins to change ($200 value)

 Personalized Meal Plan Created using your Specific Macros and Favorite Foods($300 value)

Blood Work Analysis: Send us your labs (or we may request you get specific labs done) and we will take a look and see how we can improve them to increase longevity and to address any deficiencies that are present ($400 value)

 Address any Medical Issue or Concerns (High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Blood Sugar Issues, Gut Heath, Menopause, Brain Health, etc.) 

 Personalized Supplement and Vitamin List of Recommendations (Discounts on Products from Companies we are Partnered With)  ($200 value)

 Private 1-1 Coaching Calls ($600 value)

 24/7 access to my personal lines to answer any questions you may have (1,000 value)

 Access to the premium version of Cronometer App- the most accurate Macro tracking system to log your food ($150 value)

 Real time feed back on your food log ($500 value)

 Weekly Mastermind Calls where we pick a topic and dive into the research, as well as Q and A ($800 value)

 ✅ Proven Weekly Nutrition Hacks in our Coaching App to rid you of any confusion your having about nutrition ($600 value) 

 "Lean in 15" E-Book written by Adam Ross to simplify nutrition for beginners ($25)

 ✅ Grocery Store's Secrets: A Guided Video Tour ($300 value)

 Pre-made Grocery lists and Insta-carts for delivery ($200 value)

  The A.R Nutrition Cook Book Collection with quick and easy recipes the whole family can enjoy ($400)

 ✅ Snack Attack Hacks: Conquer Cravings with Delicious, Healthy Options from our list of favorites! ($200 value)

 ✅ Road Trip Treats: Never travel hungry again with our favorite list of healthy and delicious traveling treats! ($200 value)

 And so much more... 

A $6,000 value bundled together for a low price! (Please contact for pricing)  

**If you are unhappy with the results of the program we offer a money back guarantee no questions asked!**

Please contact us by booking a free call below or emailing us at [email protected] for questions or to get started!

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